I am sure all of us are aware of the fact that we should not skip breakfast as it keeps our energy levels up to remain active throughout the day. Before we know the healthy breakfast food products, it is necessary to know ,'why breakfast is the most important meal of the day'. For those who prefer to have toast for breakfast, it's good to have wholemeal bread instead of the white one. Kids are more likely to eat breakfast on a regular basis if easy-to-prepare food are available at home.
In adults, eating a breakfast on a regular basis keeps them physically active, controls weight gain, lowers cholesterol levels, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease.
As mentioned above, the benefits of eating breakfast are closely related to weight control.
But many of us skip this important meal giving the most ultimate excuse, 'I haven't got time'. In the morning, after a gap of 10-12 hours after the last meal (dinner), the glucose level of our body drops. Given below are the different types of food to give you strength, concentration, improved performance and also maintain a healthy weight.
Whole grain waffles, with fruit toppings and yogurt or ricotta cheese and cinnamon is also an ideal breakfast.

For a healthy sandwich, choose breads which have high fiber content and are low in calories.
Use thin scraping of butter, margarine, or healthy toast toppings such as peanut butter, low-fat cheese, etc. If the habit of eating a breakfast, is inculcated in kids in their formative years, it will help them in the long run. Studies have shown that people who skip breakfast are more resistant to insulin, which in the long run increases the risk of diabetes. So for all weight watchers out there and those on a diet to shed those extra pounds, check out the importance of breakfast for weight loss.
Develop the habit of eating a well-balanced and nutritious breakfast in the morning, to enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. A good breakfast not only rejuvenates your body to start a new day, but has several health benefits as well. So breakfast is important because it breaks the fasting period, refills the glucose levels in the body, and provides essential nutrients to keep us active throughout the day. Studies have shown that, the benefits of a healthy breakfast for children and students are numerous.
We prefer to spend more time dozing in bed, thereby getting late or even if we have time, we just don't bother at all to eat a healthy one.

For people who are always on the go and do not have time to prepare a breakfast, these quick breakfast ideas can help them start their day with a nutritious and filling meal.
Children who eat breakfast regularly have better concentration and performance levels in their daily tasks, are active and alert, have the power to withstand stress and engage in physical activities. Fruit salad with honey or a few spoonfuls of low-fat yogurt and fresh and raw vegetables with flavored yogurt are other options you can include in your list.
According to researches, children who skip breakfast weigh significantly more than those who eat breakfast.
Some of the healthy options include turkey, salmon, shrimp, tuna, canned chicken and veggies like lettuce, tomato, cucumber, mushroom, sprout, spinach, etc.
Moreover, eating a nutritious breakfast, means children would not indulge in unhealthy snacking during the day. This is tasty and healthy as well, as it contains complex carbohydrates, fiber and proteins.

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