In order to gain weight, proteins and carbohydrates need to form the bulk of your diet, since both are key when it comes to building up muscle mass.
In addition to food, having supplement drinks and protein shakes is also vital if you are looking to gain weight. Junk food, containing ingredients like fat, sugar, grease, and trans fats, is the worst thing you can put into your body when you are looking for healthy weight gain. Once your diet starts helping you gain weight, you need to promptly start working on building your body – if you do not exercise on a consistent basis, you will end up becoming obese. Once you gain the required amount of weight, you need to work on maintaining it, and ensuring that you do not lose it.

In order to body build effectively, it is essential to couple the exercises and workouts with a diet which encourages healthy weight gain, and there are certain foods that will help you gain and maintain weight more effectively than others. Olive oil and fish oil, for example, are extremely beneficial, and necessary to help you build up a good volume of muscles. Junk food increases your hunger levels, but does not provide you any substantial nutrients or vitamins. Make sure you follow a strategic workout plan, including aerobics, weight lifting, cycling and running – all this will help you bulk up and increase muscle mass and size. Tailor the amount of protein you consume to your physique – for every kilogram of your body weight, consume 3 grams of protein.

30 minutes a day is sufficient for regular exercise, but if you are looking to build your body, you will need to sweat it out for at least 1 to 2 hours a day.
These should form a major part of every meal – when on a healthy weight gain diet, you should aim to consume 5-6 meals in a day, evenly spaced out throughout.

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