I thought I would share with you what I brought in my bag to the beach on our last trip and share what I think are just a few of my currently favourite Healthy Snacks for the beach or for travelling.
To find the little snack packs, look in your local asian grocery store or even check your regular store.
There are also plenty of healthy, gluten-free snack options to enjoy on every Phase of the South Beach Diet Gluten Solution Program. My favorite thing to do in the summer is pack up my beach bag, drive to Lake Michigan, and plant myself on a beach towel for the day. Skip the chips and go for a healthier choice, like nuts, seeds, or raw veggies — or one of our new nutritionally balanced South Beach Diet Snack Bars or Protein Fit Bars.
Serve with reduced-fat cheese, nonfat Greek yogurt flavored with cumin, or a bean-based dip.

I bring books, magazines, and plenty of sunscreen, but what ends up being the most important are the snacks which help to keep me hydrated, full, and happy. Just remember when packing that beaches often do not allow glass containers, so sealed plastic ones might be best in this case. Especially since these snack sizes are prepared with a little sea salt and olive oil – they taste great. Here are some crunchy Phase-specific snack suggestions that are perfect midmorning or midafternoon!
Agatston’s book The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution for ideas or use our Recipe Finder on the site to search for delicious gluten-free snack recipes. Second, you need light-to-carry snacks so you don’t want to pack things that weight a ton.

Because for example potassium benefits healthy blood production and promotes a healthy heart. Rich in the incredible B-12 vitamins – these are hard to find and low B-12 is very common which can trigger numerous health problems.
These are the reasons I picked these foods – for the pure nutritional hydration and for the lightness of the snacking.

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