As much as cooking supper is important, it is of much importance to save time and thus there are recipes that help you get a mouth watering and finger licking, fast and easy dinner. The recipe below will be used while serving three people therefore it will take 15 minutes to prepare adequately and a total of 25 minutes to bake.
The chicken enchilada is as nutritious as it contains fat, sodium, carbohydrates, fiber and protein.
In the content below I am going to show you some easy recipes that you can use for healthy and quick dinner for even less than an hour.

Rolled up place the seam side down over sauce, use the remaining enchilada sauce to top up and shake over cheese on it. A recipe is important since it makes you prepare in advance with the ingredients to use and it also outlines procedure to be followed step by step. It is so easy and fast thus it will be a solution to your needs and also give a delicious healthy meal.
Thus a recipe decreases the chances of leaving out some ingredients thus giving good results.

Its spiciness is customized with the intensity of salsa and green chili to go well with your taste.

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