Though many of us are careful to plan healthy meals, when it comes to snacks we often end up grabbing something on the fly. Tip: Make this into a light lunch by adding some grilled onions and shredded chicken to the quesadilla and topping with chopped tomatoes.
The garbanzo beans in hummus are high in fiber and have recently been associated with blood sugar-related health benefits.
You can combine the ingredients, of your choice, just be careful of their nutritional value, and also take in consideration the amount of vitamins and calories.
How to make delicious healthy baked snacks recipes.  These baked snack and healthy dessert tutorials include baked apple chips, granola bars, fruit roll ups, cheez its, crackers, carrot chips, eggplant sticks and banana boats.

For more free tutorials, craft, holiday, printables and DIY projects sign up for Tip Junkie's email with new How-To projects daily! We’re controlled by cravings, what’s readily available, and the time constraints of our busy day. Remove quesadilla from heat and allow to sit for a couple of minutes before slicing and serving. Besides containing many healthy and fresh food products smoothies can be easily digested and their nutritional values are so high that it is not necessary to cook them as special food for breakfast or dinner. The trick is to surround yourself with heart-healthy snacks so that all your options are good ones.

They are not only healthy and tasty, but also a great way to use up summer fruits especially those that are too ripe to eat.

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