Now more than ever it’s pretty easy to find wheat-free breads on the shelves – even at conventional grocery stores! Of the many families I know that choose wheat free bread, all of them have a different favorite.
Another option, especially for those who enjoy their time in the kitchen, is to experiment with making your own bread at home. We absolutely love bread – and it’s one of the most common foods we crave throughout the week.
There are also other brands that make paleo bread versions, or versions made from grains that don’t contain gluten which often have a very traditional texture and flavor. The internet is officially stocked with wheat free bread recipes that range from extremely simple to exotic and epicurean.

Bread is an essential part of any meal and it has history and tradition in pretty much every culture and family.
The flavor, texture, and taste of bread is a pretty personal thing, that’s why there are so many kinds of bread out there from whole grain to rye. Many wheat alternatives like amaranth can be purchased online or at local health food shops so that you can experiment with gluten-free flours and grains.
We find that staying away from it is better for our health and relieves a lot of the issues we have with eczema and allergies. For the same reason, your family may have to try a new wheat-free bread every month or so until you find one you all love. You can even find gluten-free bread mixes that are easy to make in the oven or bread machine.

These amazing benefits of going wheat-free are too great to ignore, but we still love our bread!
To help us all have our bread and eat it too, we’ll be looking at some healthy bread alternatives today and exploring how bread can remain part of our meals without any of the frustrating side effects.

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