Many people who are eager to build muscle unfortunately do not have enough time to go to a gym and do heavy workouts.
The most important factor in gaining muscle is stressing the muscle progressively a little more than it is used to each time, which forces the muscle to grow in order to cope with the increased load. People who are not willing to go to the gym or handle heavy weights can build muscle by simply engaging in a body weight workout program. Exclusive Download: Target your biceps and triceps at home (without weights) with your FREE workout, featuring all 6 of the exercises in this article. Forgetting about the forearms for the time being (which we’ll take a look at in another article), the main muscles of the arm are the triceps and biceps.
These are the muscles that we need to focus on training if you want to improve the look and strength of your arms. The triceps are found on the back of the arm, and are often neglected by men in particular who would rather train the muscle that they can see – their biceps (curls get the girls etc).

But it’s worth paying particular attention to the triceps because they are a bigger muscle group than the biceps. Located at the front of the arm, biceps are perhaps the muscle most commonly associated with strength – just ask any child to make a muscle and he or she will strike a biceps pose. Compound exercises, such as the push-up and dip, are great because they work multiple muscles at once. But single-joint, or isolation, exercises also have their place in a well-rounded routine to train one specific muscle while working on any weaknesses or imbalances.
It’s a difficult exercise to screw up, which means that you can progressively make it more difficult without simultaneously increasing the risk of injury.
Featured Download: Click here to get the FREE arms workout you can do without weights, featuring all 6 of the exercises in this article.
If this sounds like you, there are some some other simple exercise that will help you gain muscles without weights.

The stress mentioned here can be achieved not just with the use of weights in the gym; it can also be achieved with exercises use your own body weight for resistance. If the step-up exercise is done this way, there is a greater likelihood of muscle building. You still need to do the work, but you also need a way of training your arms without weights. One thing I learned as well by doing the diamond push ups is (of course as you say to keep everything tight) to really focus mentally on your chest muscle and try to contract them as much as you can on the way up.

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