The ads of protein powder brands seem scientific, thus leaving no room for the trainee to explore possibilities beyond the brand’s claims.
This process, developed a decade later from the days of ultra-filtration, focused on the ion attributes of whey protein.
Now that you know about the various processing techniques for whey protein, let us talk about the demerits of each. Ion-exchange proteins, a few years back, did not have much nutritional value as compared to ultrafiltered whey. It is almost impossible to prevent denaturation of protein as then bacteria would be high in the protein. Whey protein concentrate derived from cheesy whey has considerably higher amounts of protein fraction glycomacropeptides than whey protein isolate. Hydrolysis of whey denatures the protein structure, which means almost negligible biological activity. Most of the whey protein ads that you see today compare whey protein and casein with respect to their metabolic effects in non-fasted or fed state. The plasma amino acids levels and protein synthesis increase when you consume whey protein. Most bodybuilders believe that consuming larger amounts of whey protein is better than consuming casein to realize anti-catabolic effect. The best way to tap the benefits of both casein and whey protein is to use them wisely so that you can use their absorption rates and metabolic responses for muscle growth and preservation. Studies show that different milk-derived proteins do NOT have different amino acid content.

The BCAA content of whey protein concentrate, caseinate and milk protein is almost the same. If you want to maximize muscle growth, you should consume whey protein concentrate with a filtered milk protein. And if that is not enough, the protein supplement companies throw jargon such as cross-flow filtration, hydrowhey and ionization. We shall cover different aspects of protein powder so you can understand- which is the best protein for muscle growth. A resin was used to isolate protein from whey, while also balancing the acidity levels (pH).
Today, this company is known as Davisco. The protein manufactured by this company contains pure whey protein isolate (90% protein).
Hence, other dairy companies had to find alternative methods for manufacturing higher-protein whey powders.
High price, limited supply, and very less amount of alpha-lactalbumin are some of the disadvantages of ion-exchange whey protein isolates. Muscle building supplements do not list the actual fat content because that can be assessed only through acid hydrolysis, which would alter the proteins found in whey. Since this process involves breakdown of peptide bonds, it results in destruction of protein structure. Hence, if you hear that one protein brand has more amino acid than another is not always true. Most companies add hydrolyzed whey to the protein, which may be similar to glycomacropeptides, but not the same.

If you know, which is the best protein for muscle growth, you will make wise decisions when selecting muscle building supplements. This will ensure that your body gets both fast and slow acting proteins, along with bioactive protein fractions. I have personally met several bodybuilders who advocate high protein intake to fuel anabolism. This means that if you do not eat, your body handles nitrogen absorption from protein in an altogether different way. On the other hand, important whey protein fractions such as proteose peptone, lactoferrin and glycomacropeptides, are higher in filtered whey. Moreover, casein prevents catabolic protein breakdown and promotes better net protein balance than whey protein. Finally, ion-exchange whey protein isolate had almost negligible amounts of lactoferrin, which is a biologically active whey protein fraction. In this article, I explore the various aspects of protein supplements and derive the right conclusion that should help you get out of the confusion and simply focus on building muscle.
From an athlete-oriented training standpoint, casein contains multiple biologically active peptide sequences, which are excellent for health.
In the modern day, whey processing involves ultrafiltration to increase the protein content to around 80%.

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