Your protein and fat intake seem fine, but the best way to know if you gained lean muscle mass is to have a skilled trainer take regular body fat measurements. For this movie, 50 Cent lost almost 30 kg, from 97 to 70 in nine weeks (as you can see in the photos) with a liquid diet and doing exercises at the gym for three hours daily (overtraining). It seems that the quiet before the storm is the key for an efficient workout that gives the best results, yes you can use workout songs during your workout but, according to some new studies, you should know a secret before going to the gym to grow muscles.

50 Cent is a great rapper and actor that managed to impress with his big muscle body as much as with his lyrics and rhymes.
Check out the photo gallery with 50 Cent that went from a buffed up guy with huge muscles to a skinny, anorexic, lean, pale and scrawny person. Small amounts of fructose can be easily metabolized by the liver, but a higher intake will result in fat storage, which is not the kind of mass you want to gain.

He underwent a serious surgery at the hospitalMike Asara on Simplest explanation on why do prisoners get such big muscles!

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