Below are the list of top 25 things that you can include in your regular intake to reduce belly fat.
This aids in proper metabolism helps in building immune system and slowly burns the fat cells. This is a good source of dairy protein and helps you slowly cleanse the system of intestine and the natural vitamin C content and acidity regulates to burn any extra fats.
Apples may play a role in reducing the risk of type II diabetes, with studies showing women who eat an apple a day having a 28% reduced risk of the disease.
Potential for a reduced risk of asthma in children whose mothers ate apples during the pregnancy. Studies have also shown keeping apples in the fridge, not the fruit bowl, is the best way to maintain the high antioxidant levels in the fruit. Starting the morning by drinking coffee to lose weight is not only refreshing but also helps reduce belly fat effectively.
A cup of coffee can promote fat burning in the body and help you lose belly fat effectively. A cup of hot coffee makes the body heat to increase to help you burn calories faster and reduce belly fat more effectively. If you want your goal of reducing belly fat to achieve the highest efficiency, you should remove immediately the habit of having sugar and milk in your coffee. In a period of 30-40 minutes after drinking coffee to lose weight, fatty acid levels in the blood can be increased.
According to the research studies, a diet containing high quantities of omega -3 fatty acid and very low amount of omega -6 fatty acids is capable of decreasing inflammations. Spices not only increase the smell and taste of food, they have inflammation reducing capacity as well.
When this fruit is ground and made to become oil, this becomes very healthy oil which most of us do not realise. You can include this small fruit into your regular diet to slowly burn out the flab over time.

Rich in omega 3 fatty acids and also you can add these to any salads, sprinkle over any snack and have these.
Applying the following principles will help you know how to reduce belly fat by drinking coffee. Sweetener in sugar and milk makes the process of fat burning less efficient, which is detrimental to your goal.
Drinking 1 cup of black coffee after dinner will help you resolve body fat more efficiently. At this time, a mild exercise can help turn the fatty acids into energy, burn fat and reduce fat more efficiently.
The fiber present in these fruits and vegetables and the essential nutrients help to fight chronic inflammations. It increases the healthy HDL cholesterol level in the body and helps to reduce chances of inflammation. The green tea contains flavanoids which are found to have anti- inflammatory properties, so they reduce the inflammations.
Commonly used spices such as turmeric, garlic, cinnamon, ginger, chili peppers etc helps to reduce inflammation. It is high in saturated fats that are a fact but at the same time these are good saturated fats which help to decrease the bad cholesterol levels in the body these are low in LDL content and these should be included as a replacement for the regular cooking oil. The anti- inflammatory foods when taken on a regular basis can prevent inflammations in the body and it also helps to reduce the belly fat. Apple, berries, mushrooms, papaya pineapple, broccoli and spinach are especially effective in reducing inflammations and for removing belly fat. The important sources of these monounsaturated fats are olive oil, avocado, almonds, certain fish etc.
The compound EGCG present in green tea is especially effective in breaking down the fat deposits of the body.
They work by reducing the hormones causing inflammations called homocystine in the human body.

The harmful fats and the over used oils that are used and re-used to cook these foods have a very bad effect on our health which we often do not pay attention to.
This oil is proven to be very effective in decreasing the bad saturated fats in the body and at the same time it increases the good cholesterol levels in the body.
Also when you drink this in a concoction with water and honey or simply plain drinking filtered water, this keeps your body healthy, provides good blood circulation and aids in burning fat cells. For better benefits, have the fruit with the fibre, excluding the outer skin and the inner seeds. Eating an apple just before a meal may reduce appetite and cut overall kilojoule intake at that meal by 15%-the equivalent to reducing your portion size by almost one sixth. When fat in the body decreases and inflammation is reduced the body will feel more energetic.
There is also a section of people who believe that meditation and yoga can help in this regard.
But there is a proper amount of these that should be had and the excess of it will lead to increase in fat cells.
However, if we try replacing these with healthier foods, then we may be easily able to lose the extra flab and burn the fat cells more frequently and that too not by starving even a single day. The fresh fruits and the fresh vegetables can help you a long way to achieving a lean body.
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