Virgin America made an attempt to run with what’s good about Jet Blue and make it their own. What is bitter sweet is that they have clearly learnt from the original Virgin Atlantic how to be innovative, how to be well priced and how to make air travel as painless as possible. Virgin America - SnackVX used to serve a hot meal on this route but now it's been downgraded to a snack.

You can order a choice of sometimes healthy and sometimes quite nice snacks, providing your credit card hasn’t lost its magnetic strip. There’s Main Cabin Refundable, which is basically a changeable ticket, and Main Cabin Select which is sort of like Premium Economy, you get more leg room and get on board first, or at least after First Class, and you get free snacks and movies.
They’ve taken that ethos and perfected it, while Virgin Atlantic no longer think outside the box, provide a worse service every time I fly with them – delays that cause heated commotion, and food that’s inedible.

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