It has been some time that the question of whether carbohydrates have to be consumed right before sleep has come up.
Carbohydrates are essential to carry energy for day-to-day activities and natural processes in the body such as breathing, digestion, assimilation, etc.
Fitness and nutrition experts have time and again stated the importance of consuming the right sources of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates can be roughly equated to sugar, your body needs a consistent sugar supply so that it can burn it off and provide energy. The basic idea is that taking carbs before sleep slows the metabolism down, giving the carbs consumed a greater probability of converting into fat. The logic is simple: You immediately lie down on the bed after eating say yummy processed foods rich in carbs, without any exercise. Taking carbohydrates before workouts is ideal because they help your body to regenerate the lost glycogen.
As the day progresses, the body gets slowly to the anabolic state, it needs more build up type foods that support the anabolic metabolism pathways, foods containing good fats, proteins. Whether your aim is getting ripped with lean muscle mass, or losing the extra fat stored in your body, it is ideal to avoid eating carbs before retiring to the bed.
Person B has an excess of carbohydrate stores in the body and consuming an excess, especially before bedtime is not needed.

Similarly, adding carbs will just not serve the purpose of weight control, it is as meaningless as adding fuel to an already filled tank.
Instead of stacking on carbs before bed, a well-balanced diet is instrumental in controlling health related problems. For diabetic patients, it is recommended that foods that have lower glycemic indices must be chosen.
Many people seem to complain of insomnia, eating carbohydrates, especially those which get absorbed fast, definitely does not solve sleep related issues. You definitely need not starve yourself before dozing off to slumber, consuming the right foods is important for you to stay in good health. After all the don’ts, here’s a list of foods that you actually can consume before sleeping, without running the risk of attracting chronic illnesses.
Adding berries for instance takes care of your daily fiber requirement, you can also add almond butter to get some healthy fats, without compromising on the taste. Glycemic index is a measure of how fast and by how much the sugar level in human blood rises. It is analogous to a car; if your car is just sitting unused in the garage, there is no need to add fuel or gas. It is suggested that in the later part of the day, a diet should comprise of lesser proportions of high glycemic index carbs.

Especially for people above the age of 30, growth hormones and testosterone levels start declining. When you eat foods with high glycemic indices such as cakes, chocolates, processed foods, white breads, etc the blood sugar level spikes up in a rapid manner.
These days, fitness and nutrition enthusiasts experiment a lot with their quick absorbing whey protein shakes. To put it simply, a low carbohydrate diet with a considerable proportion of healthy fats and fiber is highly recommended.
Make sure you go for complex carbohydrates though, adding simple carbohydrates like sugar will only worsen the problems. It contains Potassium and tryptophan, a chemical that will induce you into deep and calm slumber.
For a good night sleep, avoid foods that are difficult to digest, eg spicy items and citrus fruits.

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