When it comes to weight loss, we often focus on diet and exercise and forget about the value of social support. He also noted that women who live on a completely raw food diet stopped having regular periods despite consuming the same amount of nutrients as someone on a cooked food diet.
To prove his theory, Wrangham compared how adding heat versus processing the food in other ways (pounding, chopping) affected the diet of mice. His findings could throw a wrench into the standardized calorie counts that have been accepted for certain foods. Experts report that teaming up with others helps you enjoy the process and lose weight faster. A new study has found that cooking food actually adds calories to it, making the information you see on nutrition labels flawed.

He concluded that eating raw food somehow didn't provide the necessary amount of calories to keep her fertile. Most of all, collaborating with a food buddy boosts the odds that you’ll shed excess pounds and keep them off. If you choose someone physically similar to you, you both can lose weight at a similar pace. You’re likely to be more compatible if you and your food buddy are both aiming to lose about the same number of pounds. Interim goals will boost your motivation while you head towards your ultimate weight target. You’ll experience the satisfaction of reaching your weight loss goals while helping someone else reach theirs as well.

He speculated that cooking not only changed the nutritional value and texture of food, but also added more energy. In one set, the food was cooked without any added oils or salts, in the other, it was raw and pounded. However, if you decide to part ways, express your gratitude and think about how you’ll keep the weight off on your own. They found that the mice that ate cooked food gained more weight than the mice that ate raw food.

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