They also know that Robert Atkins got very rich selling low carb books and videos and processed Atkins-approved food products. No other diet comes close to Atkins in terms of melting off large amounts of body-fat in a short period of time.
Atkins makes perfect sense – All of these carb rich foods are NOT what our ancestors would have eaten they would have eaten mostly meat and some vegetables since in nature (without stores etc) meat is much easier to come by than cultivating veggies or fruits. After tons of research, experimentation and observation – there is no doubt that the best diet for the average human is heavily plant-based.

In regard to grains being the cornerstone of many traditional diets…I agree to a point. While it is true that an atkin’s style diet does help reduce weight quickly in the short term, studies show that after a year, the results are on par with a traditional low-fat diet. While I appreciate your notes to consult a doctor, and your admittance that many people don’t do it properly (which is true), this is only serving to encourage people to continue eating poorly and kill themselves one bite at a time.
And this says nothing about the long term health effects of eating a diet high in animal protein.

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