If you need help with your meal planning here are the same Meal Plans Rena used to make the above chart.
You even get access to the Curvalicious Calorie Calculator that gives the exact macronutrient breakdown needed for your weight and you will also receive the Curvalicious recipes. One of the easiest meals for me if I’m in a hurry is to combine cottage cheese, red onion, cucumber and avocado – sooooo creamy and delish! Each issue I have had with my health has taught me more and more about what is good for my body and what works for me.

You can see from my plan above that I do eat carbs in the evening as that is when I work out. Before today, this was ONLY offered to Curvalicious members but I will open it up for this week for those wanting to take out all the guess work and have EXACTLY WHAT TO EAT AND WHEN! At the end of each week, I take my measurements and see how I went and see if I need to tweak my meal plan. Everyone is different but I am sure you will find what works for you and then there will be no stopping you!

Try to make some omelettes with salsa, or cheese or even soup in the morning…nuts for sure and if you can stomach some meat that would be great also. I’m not always spot-on with my times for eating each meal, but it gives me a guide to work to.

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