If you’re looking for a serious jolt of energy, you’re in luck, since most fat burners provide a bevy of stimulants. If you feel you’re under regular strain, then you might consider a fat burner that also helps you manage stress and lower cortisol levels. If you’re trying to look your most shredded for a photo shoot, a competition, or just a day at the beach, then about a week before the day you want to peak, you can use a fat burner that includes dandelion root (Taraxacum officinale), uva ursi, celery seed, and buchu leaf, which can all help you look more cut. However, finding the right fat burner can light a fire under your efforts to melt away even more unwanted fat and truly reveal your best body; and the right energy supplement can help get you there faster by giving you the power to push harder in your workouts.

CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), green tea extract, and carnitine are the main ones a fat burner needs. If you have a problem consuming less, then a fat burner that has added appetite suppressants can go a long way. Energy supplements typically contain ingredients that also double as fat burners, so you get twice the benefit.
You can also make sure the carbs you eat go to your muscles rather than your fat cells with ingredients like cinnamon extract (such as Cinnulin PF), alpha lipoic acid, and chromium.

There are also numerous fat burners that are stimulant free—just look for those that don’t list any of the ingredients covered above, but do include ingredients from Questions 2–7.

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