For the one third of Americans over the age of 20 years old that qualify as obese, the FDA has recently approved two new drugs to help the overweight shed pounds.
Though Belviq and Qysmia are the first drugs in over a decade to be approved for obesity by the FDA, they are far from the first to try. In response to the rapid growth of national obesity, type two diabetes and high cholesterol U.S Health regulators have responded with a pill. Belvig, which was approved in June, and Qsymia, which was approved in July, are the first drugs in 13 years to be approved by the FDA for obesity.

Clinical trials have shown Xenical to have a definite, though modest effect on weight lost. Vivus, the drug’s maker, sent new data that led to the FDA advisory board approving the drug in a vote of 20 to 2 in favor of the drug in February 2012.
Xenical users lose 2-3 pounds more per month than people not on the drug when doing the same things to lose weight.
Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc will use this pill to treat obesity, making it the first weight loss drug in 13 years to be approved.

The FDA is requiring to complete 10 post-marketing studies (four more than Belviq to evaluate the drug’s long-term risk for heart attack, strokes, and other cardiovascular diseases.

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