Yes, the general consensus about these creams is that they are not effective and instead, do you more harm. These percutaneous acting ingredients help to dissolve the fat that is deposited just under the skin.
While a lot of people may still doubt their effectiveness, we’d like to cite a study to support our findings:“We evaluated the effect of topical application of a cream containing glycyrrhetinic acid in the thickness of fat at the level of the thigh.

Eighteen healthy women (age range 20-33 years) with normal BMI were randomly allocated to treatment… Before and after 1 month of treatment both the circumference and the thickness of the superficial fat layer of the thighs (by ultrasound analysis) were measured.
The circumference and the thickness of the superficial fat layer were significantly reduced.” Now as the study shows, these creams actually work.
As you can tell, this one contains seaweed extracts that have the same effect.Finally, the best that we’d like to strongly recommend is Bodishape’sCELLULITE CREAM.

This cream contains Caffeine, Retinol, Coenzyme A and a number of other substances that all help to breakdown fat cells and encourage your body to remove them via the lymphatic system.You may find many other products available in the market, but we can’t really back their claims.

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