This entry was posted in Exercise, Fitness, Nutrition and tagged Burning Calories, Health and Weight Loss, Weight Loss. If weight loss is your goal, you will absolutely burn more calories (and more fat) in cardio mode than fat burning mode. With that in mind, let’s discuss two of the settings you’re likely to see on your exercise equipment: fat burn and cardio. Lighter workouts afford the body a greater level of oxygen, which is needed to burn fat most efficiently.
When you exercise in cardio mode, you exhaust your oxygen stores to the point where you aren’t as efficient in burning fat, although you are still doing so.

Well look no longer, these charts did the math for the calorie-burn for the following activities have been calculated based on your weight.
You can make weight loss quicker and easier by increasing your metabolic rate and burning more calories. For weight loss, our bodies need to burn more calories than you consume and your fat cells get smaller. The important point is that different levels of activity and exercise progressively take you from burning calories to burning fat to improving your heart’s conditioning. In the grand scheme of things, cardiovascular fitness is much more important than fat burning.

In cardio mode, you switch to preferentially burning carbohydrates, which doesn’t require the same oxygen levels as fat to be utilized for energy. For the most comprehensive workout, incrementally increase your workouts until you can perform in the cardio mode, because what you care about is the total number of calories, not the percentage of fat burned.
And yes, you’ll still look better burning more calories than focuses on burning a higher percentage of fat relative to carbs.

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