Now you can help prevent your body from absorbing some of the fat you eat naturally with FatMagnet!
Fat Blaster Fat Magnet is used to: Assist with weight loss and weight management in conjunction with an energy-controlled diet and exercise program. Click the button below to add the FatMagnet weight loss pills 60 tablets to your wish list. In the body, FatMagnet can bind to some of the fat you eat, and then passes right out of your body.
FatBlaster FatMagnet is a naturally derived product specially formulated to help with weight and fat loss.

FatBlaster FatMagnet contains Chitosan (pronounced kite-o-san), a naturally occurring soluble fibre that is chemically similar to the plant fibre cellulose. Unlike plant fibre however, Chitosan has been seen in vitro to have a magnetic binding affinity for lipids or fats in the digestive tract. The positively charged Chitosan binds with the negatively charged fat and bile acids before they have a chance to be metabolised, thus preventing them from being absorbed into the bloodstream. This fat is then passed out of the body, without contributing to your daily calorie intake.
Not only can BCAAs be used as energy themselves but they also enhance fat oxidation in glycogen depleted subjects.

FatBlaster FatMagnet also contains Vitamin C which has been shown to increase the effectiveness of Chitosan, and Psyllium Husk fibre for added health and digestive benefits. This allows individuals to train harder for longer without fatigue due to the higher energy demands being met.

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