Fastin Weight Loss Diet Pill Formula - Beta-Methyl Phenylethylamine Catalyst - Now Available Without A Prescription! Fastin, at one point in time, was manufactured by King Pharmaceuticals, with trade rights recently acquired by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is a brand-new fast acting thermogenic intensifier configured for fat loss and increased energy levels.
Fastin is a very reliable "mood promoter" whose stimulant effects are very pronounced, yet exceptionally equal throughout each dose.
Fastin was based upon a drug known as Phentermine, which is a stimulant very similar to an amphetamine.
Fastin is a sympathomimetic appetite suppressant, recognized for the short-term treatment of obesity.
The Fastin diet pill was the brand name of Phentermine, previously manufactured by King Pharmaceuticals for SmithKline Beecham. Fastin hasn't been manufactured since December 1998, when the American medical authorities made SK-Beecham remove Fastin from the market. Phentermine is currently available with a prescription under the brand names Adipex and Fastin.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals', Inc, the makers of FASTIN™, is a specialty neutraceutical company developing, manufacturing and marketing branded neutraceuticals and OTC products for the general healthcare industry.
Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals' mission is to advance the science of human performance, nutrition technology, and healthcare by leading in the dissemination of reliable information, and by marketing and distibuting scientifically advanced nutritional products, like FASTIN™ designed to improve the quality and longevity for all men and women. A new diet pill on the shelves is Fastin, the one with multiple benefits like weight loss, energy enhancement and overall wellbeing.  Initially Fastin was marketed by SmithKline but later on it was taken over by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. The new owners did put in some serious research and development to make the pills safer than ever. Something that is noteworthy with Fastin is that its makers seem quite eager to enlist all its ingredients on the bottle label. Fastin should not be used by people suffering from heart disorders, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure or glaucoma.
If it is serous weight loss you are looking for without compromising on the health factor, Fastin is not recommended to you. Fastin is no longer produced and sold since Lonamin and Adipex diet pills were made available.

There are loads of controversies about the effectiveness, price and legitimacy of Fastin’s manufacturers. Alterations in activity level and eating habits should be implemented to really benefit from Fastin.
The list clearly shows that no phentermine is included in the components and the strangest part is none of the Fastin ingredients are used in any other fat burning pills in the market. Fastin was prescribed for the temporary management of obesity combined with a controlled diet.
As with all weight loss plans, consult your physician prior starting a diet or exercise plan or including any dietary supplement.

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