If you are suffering from all these problems then I am just here sharing you a complete and contented 3 week diet plan that will surely work to shed your extra weight within 21 days. There is a lot of controversy about whether or not you should do cardio, interval training, build muscle before you lose fat, or do high repetition-based exercise. Biasing protein-based calories for weight loss means that you are building muscle, which ultimately affects your muscle:fat (muscle to fat) ratio. Interval training does a great job of lowering bodyfat, as you rid your body of all of its excess sugars, bias protein and fat-burning for days to come, and increase your exercise tolerance.
Im new to the program and has been trying out the Abs strength guide and the 5 day fat loss program for a few days now and Im really glad that it’s working!
Reviewing the exercises, I am quite intimidated by any exercise that requires me to lift any great weight with my right arm.

Yes it’s true and really works and within three weeks you are able to lose about 30 pounds.
Muscle naturally gets injured in a small way when you do high intensity exercise or you lift weights; repairing this muscle, and ridding it of lactic acid, is what leads to burning calories for days after a workout.
However, the better advice would be to do the minimum amount of exercise needed to burn excess carbs, and then work on utilizing your other macronutrient categories for caloric burn and weight loss. Not only is injury avoidance important for faster results, but it’s also important to help with your motivation levels. At the end of the day, calories in vs calories out will let you know if you are in a caloric deficit, which leads to weight loss. K my wife and I have been doing the double edged weight loss training with you for 33 weeks.

Your body will have the same response as interval training, in terms of bodyfat response, because you can actually train with intervals while lifting lighter weights. Ultimately, you should periodize this type of program to alternate with muscle building every 4-6 weeks for best effect, but this is the fastest path to weight loss.

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