The thing that fat burns faster, where it has a lower density. So, with the rapid weight loss fat will come off the face, then it comes to breasts, buttocks up, and only as a last resort will be thinner thighs and lower abdomen. Dinner: 150 grams of fat cottage cheese and a glass of buttermilk (or vegetable juice such as carrot, cucumber, squash or pumpkin).
Lunch: boiled meat and vegetables without salt and sugar, weighing not more than 500 grams.
For example, for fast slimming thighs, you can massage them from the bottom up with a brush or just your hands. Massage increases blood flow and thus contributes to the active burning fat cells.

Cons is the fact that the weight quickly returns to the previous mark, and even surpasses it. To avoid this, we recommend that you give serious consideration to choosing a diet (and not rush recklessly into the vortex of fashion trends) and, more importantly, the process of losing weight is not given to three days, and at least three months. Then it really goes well!
The body, which was used to obtain 2500 kcal, and experience the lack of them, and borrow the equivalent of 500 kcal missing from the reserves of fat. You does not want to meet it with the fear of getting up on the scales — and … What a mess!

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