The T product range relates to weight loss and is essentially a variety of fat burners of different strengths. This is all quite funny because Extreme Labs have invented these categories so there was no real need for level 1 and 2. We are concerned that it will encourage people to train and exercise beyond their limits which could be fatal.
Fast and powerful thermogenic fat burner that can suppress appetite, boost energy levels and elevate mood without the jitters.

Ive used T6 and T9 over the last year and i can say both worked for me Yes the T9 are strong but i wanted fast results so i choose these, when i had more time to lose fat and get fit i was using their T6 which rant so strong. It contains a lot of stimulants with the aim of enabling you to burn off fat and it is SO strong it is strictly for men only!
It is often used in supplements because it is believed to stimulate the breakdown of fat and boost the metabolism but there is a lack of clinical evidence to prove this. Extreme specialise in sports supplements mainly around the body building and training niche and their other products include designer pro hormone supplements, protein powders and stack supplements called Complete Cycle Support.

However, the ingredients list and extremely limited customer feedback all suggest that this stimulant product does work as a stimulant and that it is strong.

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