Lower ab exercises strengthen only the lower stomach muscles by targeting them through short, held movements. The best exercise men can do for their abdominals are ones that combine as many muscle groups as possible as this will. A stability ball is a great piece of exercise equipment for working out the lower abs, meaning the deeper abs. In order for men to flatten their lower stomach, it's important to start with diet and exercise, meaning eating right and doing. We all have the potential to create a great midsection but until the layer of fat covering the stomach is reduced your abs will remain invisible. There are two layers of fat around the belly, superficial fat called the subcutaneous fat between the skin and the muscle.  Second type is visceral fat, the deeper fat covering the visceral organs like the heart, liver, kidneys, lungs etc. Men are more prone to be affected by the visceral fat layer, while women with subcutaneous fat layer that forms cellulite. 1- Going on a basic diet and doing exercise for a few minutes will take care of the visceral fat and a little of the subcutaneous fat reducing the tummy inches overall.

2- Foods which are acidic in nature generally cause the pH of the body to shift towards the acidic index due to which the belly appears bloated all the time and appears protruded.
6-If a person follows a healthy diet and does cardio exercise, the person will lose overall weight. 7-To burn fat, exercise at 69-72 % of the target heart rate (THR) have to be done for at least 30-45 minutes. Exercises like walking, running, jogging, swimming, cycling etc are excellent sources of reducing belly fat. Finally one should understand to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet and exercise will help a person lose weight and target belly fat over a period of time. To atart this exercise lie down on a flat bench but this time with your his slightly elevated. This exercise is a killer so I wold suggest that you levee this one until your core has developed.
This one is for those of you that can push it for a whole minute there is limited resting time in this exercise so it will really make your abs burn.

People with fat stored around their abdomen area are known as people having apple shaped bodies.
In simple terms you need to follow a structured program that incorporates both exercise and nutrition.
So start again lying on your back and elevate your legs keeping them straight, and raise your upper body reaching lower abdominal exercises for men to touch your toes. These people generally have the tendency to store fat around the abdomen of the area and 80% men and 20% women fall under this category.

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