This classy co-ed got the opportunity to talk with Culinary and Nutrition Communications Consultant and Registered and Licensed Dietitian, Robin Plotkin about her career choice and (italicize and) advice she has for college students trying to live healthy lives. Living off boxes of macaroni and cheese and depending on Chinese carryout may seem all too familiar to many college students. Here are some healthy, inexpensive foods that can be easily stretched to make multiple meals: oats, eggs, potatoes, kale, apples, nuts, beans, low-fat milk, seeds, spinach, broccoli and whole grain pasta. Having a confidence in the kitchen and a few dishes in your repertoire will help save money and eat healthier!

It is often hard to budget in food after moving out of the dorms and losing out on a cafeteria meal plan.
With regard to anything on this list, always check the food label and ingredients to be certain that you are making the healthiest choice! As a busy college gal myself, I know the last thing I want to do is come home and cook a fancy dinner that will just be devoured in seconds.
Follow my co-ed’s smart how-to guide for stretching dollars and maximizing buying power while turning your low-budget unsatisfying meals to cheap and healthy cuisine.

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