Turn them over, add up the total of the ingredients, and you have a shopping list (just cross off any ingredients you have already)!Stick the cards on the fridge or bulletin board and put them away in your recipe box as you use them.This system can help you stick to a list, and helps ensure that you always have foods prepared or ready to prepare, which limits impulsive purchasing and eating! When our budget is tightest, I prepare a large, inexpensive cut of meat and reuse it different ways throughout the week.
We have a 25 x 40 foot garden for vegetables, and also have fruit trees, grape vines and blueberry bushes in the works this year.We are able to grow enough vegetables for summer and preserving throughout the year for our family of 5 in this space. This alone is a big step in improving overall health.If you have consumed much of these beverages in the past, go back and look at the percentage of your food bill that they take up. Both are made with different types of reusable colonies of healthy bacteria and once you have these, they take only sugar and water to make again and again.

It also lets me sneak in extra vitamins and good fats!Tip #10: Save Money in Other AreasThe biggest advantage to eating a healthy real food diet is saving money in other areas (like doctor bills!). Saving the money from eating out lets me provide healthier options for me family at home, and none of us miss eating out much.
Your diet is naturally higher in these things too, so if you have to cut back on the supplements to eat a real food diet, consider doing this.
It can be a bit expensive eating a healthy diet, but with proper planning the costs can be significantly reduced.
It is hard though since most restaurants offer some kind of grain based product with everything!Reply Amy saysJuly 27, 2015 at 11:13 PM I have found it worth while to go to a little cafe rather than many fast food places, if I can get a large chili, or soup to share with my toddler, and my other 2 kids can often split one item, either a sandwich or soup etc.

If I go to a bigger center, I almost always end up eating out, and with the extra gas have found it worth it to shop local more, and do a big Costco run about every 2 months for some bulk items.Reply Colleen saysJune 21, 2011 at 7:58 PM Hello! I suddenly have an entire family to worry about feeding, and both of us work full time and have little time to dedicate to food preparation.

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