But let’s face it, if you are a female, chocolate is on your mind more than one day per year! As delicious as it may be, we all know that too much sugar in our diet is unhealthy and will most likely lead to weight gain. After a bit of digging, I learned that our bodies and brains can actually benefit from high quality chocolate. To be considered “healthy”, the chocolate must be processed at a low temperature using real cocoa beans. Most candy bars are filled with refined sugar and trans fats and don’t even contain real chocolate. Last week I found myself frantically going through drawers and cupboards eliminating any last trace of chocolate that was still lingering from Christmas. In fact, studies show that people who consume moderate amounts of chocolate have a lower Body Mass Index than those who don’t.

This helps to preserve naturally occurring nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids. But I was permitted to eat squares of “healthy chocolate” throughout the day as a way to manage my blood sugar, improve my mood and provide my body with energy.
Paul Anderson, a medical doctor who recognized the numerous benefits of high quality chocolate –- especially when cleansing. I teach clients that the most important factor in achieving a healthy body weight is to eliminate refined sugar from their diet –- at least until they meet their goals.
I gained weight after my last figure competition and I couldn’t get it off no matter how hard I worked in the gym or how clean I ate. In fact, those who cleanse with chocolate are much more successful on cleanse days than those who don’t.
Eating highly processed candy bars that contain sugar and trans fats is a definite “no no.” In fact, when competition prep begins, there cannot be a trace of chocolate in the house.

When consumed in moderation, “Healthy Chocolate” helps control cravings for sugar and junk food. I have zero willpower when it comes to chocolate — it only takes one moment of weakness!
So I keep them in my purse when I need a boost or when I simply feel like having a chocolate treat.

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