Cryotherapy is hailed as a cure-all and people are using it to get rid of all kinds of things like acne, cellulite, unwanted weight, inflammation, depression, libido problems, and body injuries. If you haven't been to any of Serene Social's wellness events yet, you're missing out and should definitely go to the one happening tomorrow in NYC at the launch of New York's Fashion Week.
Earlier this summer, I spent one of the most amazing and healthiest travel weekends of my life at the Four Seasons Baltimore. But the real highlight was scoring my room at the Four Seasons for their celebration of Global Wellness Day, which was served up as a full week of fit & healthy activities. This keeps the ankle and heel area nice and tight, without having to tighten your whole shoe.

I used to think of her as just my mom without fully worshipping everything she's accomplished.
Speaking of sweet, Valentine's Day reared its rosy head and lured me into a chocolate shop last week. There are a few different ways you can do this, you can use an antibacterial liquid soap and hot water, you can buy a makeup brush cleaner that you drip into the sink with hot water, or you can buy a spray to make cleaning quick and easy. Fact of my life: my toiletry bag + makeup bag + hair dryer and roundbrushes = most of the weight in my suitcase. Arlindo who is known as The Mountain can get the beefcake look without having to work for it, and also he became addicted to the injections.

I've been to a few of their events, but this year's New York Fashion Week 2015 showcase was one of my favorites. My products have to be effective, easy to apply, fast working and light (on my shoulder, not just my face!).

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