For more Easter fun, follow Freebie Finding Mom’s Easter Crafts, Games and Treats Pinterest board. Then put the bread on the baking tray and bake for at least 10 min. You can go up to 20 minutes without worrying, depending on your taste. If your kids are engrossed in their electronic devices or activities and seem oblivious to the fast approaching holiday, it’s time to dole out some delicious Easter spirit in the form of fun and easy Easter recipes for kids.
This easy to whip up Easter recipe for kids includes amazing white chocolate carrot cake M&Ms and crackers shaped like the Easter bunny.
Pretzel Nests: Have your little ones make a cozy nest for some Peeps with this fun Easter recipe for kids.

Easter Bunny Cake Pops: This Easter recipe for kids might require a little more adult supervision (and assistance) than some of the others on the list but it’s well worth it! Healthy Bunny: Amidst all the sugary goodness that comes with Easter, encourage your kids to eat healthy. Share some pictures of your holiday creations or if you know of other great Easter recipes for kids, share them in the comments.
Wash them with hot water and dish soap and put them to use in this easy Easter recipe for kids. Grab a couple and draw your masterpiece on some marshmallows-oh, be sure to let your kids help out.

Put several colors and varieties of sprinkles in front of your kids and watch all of the amazing things they come up with.

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