We've put together eight weeks worth of easy dinner recipes, complete with the easy recipes for each day's main dish and side dishes.
If you're watching your waistline or just trying to eat healthier, try the Eight Weeks of Healthy Dinner Recipes.
While this section of Moms Who Think is titled Easy Dinner Recipes, the easy prep and cooking methods aren't the heart of it. With 8 weeks of dinner menus, when you're at the grocery store on any given week you'll buy only what you need for the planned meals. If you use the weekly plans as is, all you need to do is create a shopping list (our printable Grocery Shopping List includes more than just dinner items).

Not only is having a plan for your meals each week a great way to save money, but it's also an investment in good health. Click on the link for each week to get the full week of easy dinner ideas and the meal plans that go with each day. By not knowing what's for dinner in advance, you are probably spending more than you need to on meals. Print out the week that appeals to you the most, or just print enough individual recipes from different weeks to cover a full week of dinners.
Saving time and money are the biggest benefits of a meal plan, but having stress-free planned family dinners is priceless.

A bonus to having the recipes printed out is that cooking duties can be shared when the recipes and the ingredients are all on hand and easy to use. You may buy things like fresh veggies that end up going bad because you don't have the right ingredients to put together a full meal.

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