Preparing a lunch box for school going kids is definitely a big task for most of the Indian mummies.
My toddler is starting preschool this September, and I have been coming up with creative ways to make lunch healthy, fun and delicious.
My teen is now in college, so I have plenty of experience packing lunch as I spent a little over 12 years doing it. When you involve your kids in the lunch-making process, chances are pretty good they will eat what they find in their lunchbox.

Snacks are by far my kids’ favorite part about lunch, they love variety so I pack lots of stuff. Winged beans, i have seen them since ages, thank god finally i saw them at Indian store during our last trip. Last but not least, my today’s post goes to an Indian condiment, Indian cuisine is incomplete without condiments. Here is Paris, we dont get varieties of Indian greens, drumstick leaves is one of the easiest Indian greens we can see often in Indian groceries, obviously whenever i go to Indian grocey i dont forget to pick a packet of this greens.

Eventhough this sticky vegetable was one of the most hated vegetable by kids earlier, i never forget to get them from Indian stores. Each region of India have their own condiments and many condiments have their important place in daily menu.

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