Now set these aside because you won't need them until the dish is ready to go into the oven.
Cover the baking dish tightly with foil, crimp it around the edges and then put a lid on top of that.
Chip, one of our guests, is a vegetarian (he does eat fish) so I thought one of the great seafood dishes from this south coastal region would make a great centerpiece main dish. Here is how to make this amazing dish which actually is a pretty elementary and very, very tasty.

An Indian feast involves a lot of dishes and I'm always running through my mental rolodex trying to figure out what goes with what and what will make a harmonious whole. I call them the emergency dinner pack because one bag will feed a bunch of people with some other side dishes thrown in. Combining cheese in our daily dishes  upgrade a simple and boring dish to something special. Of course you do need to watch out not to over add it due to its calories, but every now and then it’s fun and super yummy to add some cheese to our dishes.

It's important because the other things are also cooked in the onion flavored oil which infuses the dish. I just found a site that sells just clay pots for cooking - Love learning something new - the dinner really looks wonderful, I hope you enjoyed yourself!

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