Oats contain insoluble fiber and various carbohydrates that curb your hunger, gives you strength for good exercise and reduce fat content in your body. Nuts keep your stomach filled for a longer period and they are good fats that do not add to your calories. Mackerel, salmon, tuna are rich in protein, include useful fatty acids and mono saturated full of fat acids that boost metabolism and are good belly fat burning foods.

Establish this as an essential food to burn tummy fat in your diet, Citrus fruits like lemon, kiwi, orange, tangerine, fresh limes are tremendous fat burners that boosts metabolism and the acid offer in it burns fat quicker compared to other fruits and Other fat burning fruits include apple, grapes, watermelon and strawberries. And this makes it a further essential addition to our diet as foods that reduce belly fat and tomatoes, Cabbage, spinach, broccoli, beans; peas are all very rich in raw materials and have nil fat content in them and Include them in your meal for best benefits.

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