For those of you who have heard of the “Cabbage Soup Diet” and are wondering what this “Dolly Parton Diet” is, they are actually just the same — but with different names. This fad diet seems to resurface every couple of years, each time with a different name – the Doughboy Cabbage Soup, Military Cabbage Soup Diet, the Trans World Airlines Stewardess Diet and the Model’s Diet.
It was revived in mid-1990s as the “Sacred Heart Diet” because it was used by hospital at that time to help overweight heart patients quickly lose weight before their surgery.

This seven-day diet entails having as much cabbage soup as you want, provided you stick to just soups everyday and certain vegetables and fruits that are low in calories.  The diet also includes limited amount of milk and meat, but no restrictions on the quantity of soups and fruits.
The Dolly Parton Diet is not recommended as a long-term weight loss program.  It entails cutting your calorie-intake to starvation levels and is not balanced.

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