Ramadan diet plan tips to lose weight given here is Urdu will make your fasting healthy and beneficial.
Ramadan is the time of the year when all the Muslims fast for a whole month during the daylight and then feast at the break of dawn and at dusk.
During usual days there is light breakfast, light lunch and light dinner and then people go to sleep but in Ramadan people eat heavy breakfast to fast for the whole day and at evening there is also heavy Iftar and some people even continue eating for the rest of the night with friends and family.
These foods will stabilize the blood sugar level, prevent over eating and will kill the hunger and in this way you can stay within the amount of calories you need to lose weight.

Ramadan is the when one can face the serious dehydration because there is no water consumption during the peak sunny hours of the day. These diet plan tips to lose weight in Urdu will maintain and balance your weight in Ramadan. During fasting one cannot eat the regular meals they must try to make up for it in morning and in evening during the time of breaking their fast.
In Ramadan it is very important that one gives his body the proper nutrition that the body needs when they eat, if not so then fasting can lead to the serious health problems as it has to continue for the whole month.

Keeping in mind all these situations we are providing some Ramadan diet plan tips that will help you to lose weight this Ramadan month.

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