Building muscle is a common goal for a lot of men; however, more is needed than a well-built training program in order to achieve this goal, so you would want to get on a lean muscle diet plan for men. A diet that is focused on building lean muscle mainly provides your body with the type of nutrients that are needed in order to promote muscle growth and repair the tissues that are damaged during workouts. Men should eat plenty of lean protein that can be found in foods such as egg whites, low-fat dairy, fish, chicken breast and whey protein. A lean muscle diet plan for men should include about 40% protein, 30% to 40% carbohydrates and 20% to 30% fat.
However, in order to build lean muscle, all calories that you consume will have to come from quality sources, including lean protein, unsaturated fats and fiber. With the help of a good lean muscle diet plan for men, you will soon start noticing improvements in the way your muscles look and feel.
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This diet for individuals requiring approximately 3500 calories or more a day based on current activity level, height, weight, age, goals etc.

It is important for you to also be on an exercise program when on a weight gaining diet to keep fat levels minimal and enhance muscle gains.
Follow this diet day in and day out and you are sure to pack on that lean mass while keeping fat levels to a minimum.
If you prefer, you can also add in other foods depending on how many calories you want to gain. Sign up for our newsletter free of charge for exclusive coupons, deals, and promos only our subscribers get! If you eat often throughout the day, you offer your muscles a constant supply of nutrients.
In order to lose a pound of fat, you have to burn about 3,500 calories, so make sure that when you train hard you also eat enough, otherwise your muscles will not be able to grow. To find out your daily caloric intake check out the Daily Caloric Intake Calculator page and then choose the appropriate diet plan based on your results.
The products listed in the diet routine (blue links) are the recommended products and work with this diet optimally but if you want to use another product for any reason you can visit our fitness store with a huge selection of supplements and far cheaper than other supplement sources.

Check out our nutritional calculator page where you can enter any food and get its nutritional content to determine how much of what foods you need to add to this diet. Protein plays a vital role in the repair and growth of the muscle and this is why it cannot miss from a lean muscle diet plan for men.
Included here is the diet that is to be followed daily and is meant for those trying to gain weight or very large individuals who require large amounts of calories to maintain their weight. But again, the simplest and most effective method is too add the True Mass supplement to your diet.

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