If you feel protected believing that most diet products, dietary supplements and diet pills that are sold in the United States have had to pass an FDA approval test before being marketed, you may be shocked to find out that it’s not the case. A similar question is posed on the official FDA website, and the answer may come as a surprise to many. FDA approved diet pills will therefore be those that have ingredients that are on the controlled substance list and are ONLY available with a medical prescription. Certain wording may persuade consumers to believe that products are in fact FDA approved diet pills or supplements.

Claims that a product, supplement or diet pill may help with weight loss or some other condition, is the responsibility of the manufacturer to tell the truth (on the label and in advertising) and is likewise the consumers’ responsibility to understand what they are buying by reading labels – being an informed buyer.
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Although there are FDA approved diet pills that are recognized and prescribed by qualified physicians in order to treat patients suffering from specific conditions such as sever obesity, lots of products sold over-the-counter or online have not been subjected to any investigation by the Food and Drug Administration.
The Food and Drug Administration does not analyze all ingredients in all the products available for consumption before they are marketed to the public and therefore there’s no list of FDA approved diet pills or supplements.

If all the ingredients listed on the label are on the FDA approved list, it’s easy to claim that all SEPERATE ingredients are approved by the FDA. That does not mean that the combination of ingredients in a particular brand or product is indeed FDA approved.

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