Some studies done in the 1960s and 1970s claimed not to show a link between chocolate consumption and acne. Unfortunately people used this study to make the claim that chocolate and a poor diet doesn’t cause acne or make it worse. Overall it’s still hard to say one way or another if a poor diet can definitely cause acne. Today if you ask someone if acne can be caused by a poor diet they’d probably say “no”.

The studies essentially involved giving one set of people who had acne a chocolate bar, and another set of people something which looked like a chocolate bar.
These extra hormones are responsible acne, so a poor diet can indirectly cause acne, or make an outbreak worse. Inflammation is a potential cause of acne as it creates conditions in which the bacteria can easily multiply. However the non chocolate bar still contained fats and sugars, so the study doesn’t actually say much about the impact of a good diet on acne or bad skin.

We all know that drinking lots of water and staying well hydrated is part of a balanced diet.

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