First, either the day before or the morning of the day you want to eat this, prepare the strawberries. On a cool surface dusted with powdered sugar, roll out and smooth one pastry sheet then cut it into nine squares. Top pastry with strawberries and whipped cream, then drizzle a little liquid from the strawberry bowl over the top.
Warning: While preparing this dessert, fingers large and small will come out of no where swooping and dipping into the homemade whipped cream. I’m thinking that next time, I may use frozen strawberries and cook them in a small pan to make a soft jelly topping. Stay Connected Facebook twitter Google Plus Instagram Linkedin Youtube RSSAbout Jill McKeever Hi, I'm Jill McKeever, mother of Simple Daily Recipes food blog.
These servings yield nice big bowls of fruit (in my opinion), topped with just enough sour cream to add flavor. I am so glad i found your recipe and I just now learned that loquats and berries go together. About Cafe LizWelcome to Cafe Liz, the vegetarian Israeli food blog: Kosher vegetarian recipes, Israeli food culture, a mix of the Mediterranean and the Middle East.
Our 31-day calendar of meals and tips shows you how to cook more and love it with fun, family-friendly meals that come together quickly and deliciously. This strawberry frozen yogurt is packed with all the bright sweetness of fresh strawberries, not to mention an irresistible tang from yogurt and lime.

This vegan twist on the traditional banana split uses strawberries to complement the ice cream for a flavor that's straight-up incredible. These wonderfully airy pavlova cupcakes are the perfect complement for spring strawberries! This cooling homemade granita plays on sweet and savory flavors, with fresh strawberries, lemonade, and basil.
This playful take on a classic strawberry country cake recipe features sweet and chocolaty Nutella! At our house, we keep our strawberry shortcake simple just fluffy buttermilk biscuits, fresh strawberries, and a dollop of lightly sweetened whipped cream. These vegan strawberries and cream cheesecake bites are so fun to eat, they're perfect for spring time parties.
The best strawberry flavor doesn't come from a box, it comes from vibrant, fresh strawberries. Then make a glaze with powdered sugar and drizzle it on top, and create a warm dessert to go with a cup of coffee or hot tea. Our recipe features crepes made with chocolate crepe batter and garnished with chocolate sauce and chocolate covered strawberries. Order your copy of The Essential Guide to Crepes, with step-by-step instructions, (including pictures) on how to make the world's best crepes, exclusive recipes, side dishes and tips for an unforgettable crepe party.
Let dazzling strawberries take the stage and we promise they won't disappoint.Our first recipe is as beautiful as it is delicious.

It just doesn't get better than fresh strawberries surrounded by a buttery crust and topped with billowy whipped cream.
This recipe for grilled poundcake and strawberries is brimming with fresh fruit and loads of smoky deliciousness.
These airy cornmeal waffles are complemented wonderfully by lightly sweet fresh strawberries.
Come home to our favorite main dishes, sides, appetizers, and drinks that are sure to soothe your family with the simple joys of comfort food. As a grown-up, my obsession survives, only now I’ve diversified my dessert repertoire to pretty much anything strawberry. Head below for 25 of our favorite strawberry dessert recipes that will ensure you get the most out of this strawberry season.
The sour cream topping was so good that Eitan volunteered to clean out the pastry bag with his tongue.

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