3 Add the paste, mustard oil (2 table spoon), salt (2 tea spoon) and turmeric powder to the chicken. The solution was pretty obvious and we loved ushering in 1421 with some piping hot Chicken er Jhol, steamed Basmati rice and crisp green salad . Especially the cartilage bits bring much pleasure to not just ours but hopefully the chicken's soul too . My recipe however focuses on shorter time cooking and minimal preparations to make tasty but hasty chicken er jhol . The fiery red color of the gravy in my Chicken Curry surprisingly does not come from any coloring agent or Kashmiri red chilies .

I always choose to use chicken pieces on bone as that adds much better taste to the curry . Large pieces of chicken cooked with halved potatoes, onion, ginger, garlic, turmeric and whole garam masalas gave us the comfort food that all Bengalis cannot have enough of, the very enjoyable Murgir Jhol . I have in fact much cherished nostalgia around this Bengali style chicken stew as every bowl or 'bati' of murgir jhol represents the beloved Robibarer murgir jhol to me .
Many people traditionally either marinate the chicken over an hour or add papaya but I never felt the need to, as chicken gets cooked pretty fast . This method is essentially known as koshano in Bengali .Add in the red chili powder and add more salt if needed .

The sugar caramelized in oil and the chicken marinade of dahi or plain Greek yogurt, turmeric powder and red chili powder sauteed well, renders the beautiful rich color to the recipe .
For cooking chicken using pressure cooker is not a must but it saves so much time and retains all the flavors so well that I always opt for it . In fact while using a pressure cooker it is more tricky to keep the chicken pieces intact and not overcooked .

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