February 26, 2013 By Becky (Your Modern Family) 22 Comments Today I am sharing a little sneak peek chapter from my book. Harris Teeter and most other stores mark their produce down (bagged lettuce, cut-up vegetables and fruit) by putting a yellow or pink sticker on it. I also have three boys and a girl, and we can go through fruit and bread in no time as well.

I buy it, take it home and either have it for dinner in the next day or two, or I will freeze it for a later date.
I dread what my grocery bill will look like in five years when I have three teenage boys to feed, but I rarely have time to coupon, so I like to stock up on sale items and look at the day-old sections too.
Whenever I have heart failure over the cost of produce, I remind myself that it’s cheaper and healthier than processed food, meat, and cheese.

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