The Complete Guide to Carb Counting, 3rd edition, is a thorough and comprehensive book written in an easy to follow style that covers everything that I , as a registered dietitian, would want my patients, especially those with diabetes, to know.
A 'must have' for anyone concerned about diabetes, this concise, informative and consumer-friendly guide delivers what it's title promises and so much more! This book takes the complications out of carbohydrate counting, with a simple step by step process.

This book would serve as a great resource for those interested in improving their carbohydrate counting skills and achieving better glycemic control. It provides much of the information a Certified Diabetes Educator would share about carb counting but certainly not a replacement for meeting with one. It reviews how determine carbohydrates in your own personal recipes, in foods from restarants and from food that you purchase at the grocery store and then how to track your carbohydrate intake.

This book is a definite "must read" for those who are new to carbohydrate counting and for those looking to brush up on these skills.

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