Almonds are rich in Healthy fats that will help curving your appetite and sugar cravings, many clinical studies proved that eating almonds help in weight loss by suppressing hunger.
Almonds are rich in magnesium which is a key component to build muscles, building more muscles specially around your belly will help you burn belly fats.

Apples are very nutritious, they are very rich in fibers, phytosterol, beta carotene and flavonoids, according to American studies, women who eat three apples a day or more could lose weight at a much faster rate than those who don’t, apples also contain a compound called pectin, pectin reduces the absorbance of cholesterol and fats while making you feel full quickly, the antioxidants and vitamin C content in apples will help you even more to flatten your tummy. From then, you can decide if you wanna sign up for the entire course, and watch your weight drop and fats burn!

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