Insulin drives nutrients into cells, it maintains muscle-promoting anabolism for lean gains, it drives prostaglandin output to influence recovery rate from training, it influences nitric oxide regulation and, yes, insulin efficiency keeps the thermogenic fat cells involved in fat elimination in the ON position. Research now shows irrefutably that insulin inefficiency generates a proportional increase in downstream prostaglandins (namely PGE2) that can block the signal to thermogenic cells. Multiple metabolic prompts cause dietary nutrients and calories to be shuttled to fat storage if insulin efficiency is compromised.   The body becomes so inefficient that these fat-burning brown fat cells eventually start acting like white adipose fats cells to store more fat when their primary design is to help you burn away fat!  The amount of work you need to do in the gym to put on mass and keep lean might just be proportional to this state of insulin efficiency.

Your state of insulin influences how dietary nutrients such a protein, fat and carbs are used and stored.  It also has a lot of influence over how much protein is used to make muscle and how much gets turned back for conversion to glycogen or fat. Fine tuning insulin efficiency to amplify the signal even slightly will maximize results from thermogenic supplements, anabolic agents and promote long term fat management and lean muscle preservation.

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