This article can help you evaluate the role of protein supplements in helping you acquire the physique of your dreams.
Evenly distributing your protein intake throughout the day is important to optimize your body’s ability to build muscle.
Muscles are most receptive to using amino acids (the building blocks of protein) within the 30 to 60 minutes after you exercise. By eating a protein-rich food at each meal and snack, you will get the protein, essential amino acids, and leucine needed to support your muscle-building training program.
Runners and triathletes who want to look buff certainly can benefit from a well-planned sports diet that supports their muscle-building efforts.

Runners new to lifting weights should target the higher amount to support the growth of new muscles.
Yet, muscles continue to utilize the amino acids (at a slower rate) over the course of the next 24 hours. Be sure to also consume some grains, fruits, and vegetables (carbohydrates) along with the protein to fuel your muscles so they can perform hard lifting sessions. But take note: The amazingly buff bodies in muscle magazines can be deceptively photo-shopped. The supplement industry urges you to consume their (conveniently available) recovery products ASAP, so you don’t miss the “anabolic window of opportunity.” That window doesn’t completely close!

Muscles do have a genetic limit and you cannot completely redesign your body (without steroids or plastic surgery, that is).

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