When Vince and Lee announced that they had a diet that can make you avoid the fat gain and maximize the muscle gain, I decided in the moment that it was the right time to test it. This is definitely something I’ll be using in the future.Dietrich MarquardtHobart, AustraliaI did the 21-day cycle and gained 6 pounds of muscle and lost 1 pound of fat!
I wanted to be a part of Vince's and Lee's "Guinea Pig Group" cause they are the best if it comes down to building muscle.
This program is amazing and it can help everyone to gain muscle mass in a short amount of time. Testing out a nutritional strategy to gain lean muscle while keeping down body fat was intriguing to me.

My metabolism seemed to have stalled while bulking over the last several months so I wanted to see if there was a way to "confuse" my metabolism and get it fired up with this new and interesting cycling concept to gain lean muscle. So I gained 7 lbs of muscle, which is pretty impressive since I’m a real "hard gainer".
After just 21 days I’m up 5 pounds and I’ve actually lost more fat while gaining solid muscle! I packed on 14 pounds of ripped muscular mass and I've been using these micro bulking and cutting cycles over and over again and I find them very effective for building lean muscle mass while keeping the bodyfat low.Ian GrahamDublin, IrelandAfter going through the low calorie depletion phase and the high calorie rebound phase I've gained 18 pounds.
I’ve been able to add at least 30 pounds to my workouts for the stronger muscle groups, legs, back, and chest.

I have been able to add an extra at least 10 pounds to the smaller muscle groups like my bi's and tri's and shoulders, depending on the workout! Before trying the program, I was already impressed by the science behind the theory – rebound weight is something I have already experience after competitions and photo-shoots but I never used it in a strategic way to build muscle.
The best part is that normally while bulking continuously, I find it hard to constantly consume excess calories and my body starts to feel slightly sluggish after about 2-3 weeks, but I felt great cycling calories over the weeks and it kept my metabolism in muscle building mode.

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