Ever since I started coaching at the Underground Strength Gym, farmer walks have been a staple in my training and the training of the athletes I work with. Shrugs are the most popular exercise used to build bigger traps and while it gets the job done, too often I see guys abusing this exercise. If you are planning to transform learning in 2016, we're offering a free gift to help you make the best decisions for the year ahead. For years I never did shrugs but I was still able to build bigger traps because I deadlifted heavy.
If your goal is to build bigger traps, my two favorite Olympic Lift variations are hang clean pulls and hang snatch pulls. If you want bigger traps, I recommend doing direct upper back wor 2 X a week along with 100 band pull aparts every week.

9 out of 10 are looking to transform learning culture, improve business agility, productivity and employee engagement. It's clear that existing training and development practices need a major overhau and his book Revolutionize Learning and Development not only explains why but also how.
These are exciting times to be in L&D as we shift from delivering course transactions to delivering bottom line value. It is now an integral feature of how we live our lives, embedded into the way that we work, travel, shop and communicate. The majority of Top Deck organisations (94%) consider the course to be just one option for building skills (53% average) and 86% adopt approaches that support learning in the flow of work compared to 47% on average. Perhaps we might find out that there's not such a shortage of capable talented people after all if we just open our minds beyond rigid and traditional methods to look at the objectives and outputs we are trying to achieve.

The 2015 Benchmark Report clearly shows that the top performing organisations are not talking about what the next big technology, framework or model might do for them; they are busy translating their people strategy into a business strategy and using the new opportunities to transform the learning experience of those around them, rather than merely automating it. They are also demonstrating the traits of Essentialism and the 7 levels of consciousness, whilst being brave and focused on impact. He is the current holder of L&D Professional of the Year for both HR Network Scotland and Training Journal, as well as the holder of the Chief Learning Officer award for the LPI.

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