Building lean muscle requires giving your body enough of the right nutrition to build new muscle while not eating excessive calories that will ultimately turn to fat. While eating the right amounts and types of nutrients will help control your body fat levels, every person's metabolism is different which will effect how much you will need to eat in order to build muscle. By eating the right ratio of carbohydrates and protein, and eating the right types of carbohydrates at the right times, you can control your blood sugar levels and be more efficient at building muscle without adding fat in the process. Since everyone's metabolism is different, the amount that each person should eat for building muscle will vary.
When it comes to building lean muscle, your goal is to supply your body with sufficient nutrition for adding muscle without consuming excess and unnecessary calories.

If your muscle building measurements have not increased after a week or two, you should then slightly increase the amount of food you are eating and take your measurements again in a week or two to determine if your increased nutrition is enough for your body to build muscle.
You will continue this process until your measurements indicate that you are building muscle, at which point, you should continue at that nutrition level until you go a week or two without gaining measurable amounts of new muscle which will indicate your need to increase your nutrition plan accordingly. Following this process will ensure that you are continually building lean muscle mass by providing your body with the nutrition it needs for building new muscle mass without consuming unnecessary calories and adding significant amounts of fat in the process. I also explain what measurements to take in order to monitor whether or not you are building muscle with your current level of nutrition. Following a consistent cardiovascular fitness program will also be a valuable tool to ensure that you are minimizing your fat gains or even losing fat in the process of building lean muscle mass.

Always remember that an effective workout plan combined with proper nutrition is the only way to naturally add muscle mass quickly and transform your body. Implementing muscle confusion techniques will ensure that you are stimulating every muscle group from every possible angle and ensure the full formation of every muscle in the body and will also prevent muscle gain plateaus.

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