To add muscle to your frame, you will need to eat more calories than you normally would, simply because you can’t biuld muscle out of nothing. For most of us trying to build muscel, you must deal with the fact that you will gain some fat, but, how much fat will be gained is another question.  This is the question that you really want to answer. Since the body can only process so much muscle tissue at any one time, simply, any additional calories will be store around the body as fat.  Making it virtually impossible to follow the steps to getting a six pack. The alternative method, to lose fat in belly and build muscle mass is to only consume enough additional calories to encourage muscle growth, and nothing else.  Allowing you to gain as much lean muscle tissue as possible without gaining too much body fat.
But by following a proper diet and adding in some type of high intensity conditioning work a few days per week you actually can build muscle without getting fat. Traditional medium intensity cardio methods will eat away too much muscle and should be avoided for this reason. This would be something like hill sprints or sled work two or three times per week, either immediately after your muscle building workouts or as a separate workout on the same day, 4-6 hours later.

You should be doing some type of hard training four days per week if you want to gain muscle without getting fat.
The great thing about using a sled for your conditioning is that there is no eccentric component to it so you can use it quite frequently without the fear of any type of negative impact on your strength workouts. In fact, sled work can actually help you get stronger while building muscle and simultaneously improving work capacity and conditioning. Since 1994 I've helped thousands of guys build their bodies, strengthen their minds, and optimize their lives. So when you keep adding more food the only thing that ends up happening is you turn into a fat ass.
Maybe I’m nuts but I think most people would prefer to be described as a bad ass rather than a fat ass.
When you start up with the old school bulking approach all that usually ends up happening is you get fat.

Although a gain of one pound of muscle per month doesn’t seem like a lot, go the butcher and look at 24 pounds of steak.
They could but because they bulk up and get fat they are then always forced to diet back down. Consistent hard training with barbells, dumbbells and bodyweight exercises (really it doesn’t matter what you are using as long as you are getting stronger in the range of 3-8 reps) along with a focus on long term strength gains is the key.
Many of them, no matter how hard they may try to stay in a certain weight class, are eventually forced to move up simply because the massive strength gains they have made over the years of consistent training have added several pounds of muscle to their frames.

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